Europe’s last tribes, defending against all invaders, only very few merchants made it into the ancient lands of the Baltics.

Join the Viking crew to travel one millennium back in time by joining an exploring venture into the Baltics, the lands of Europe’s last pagans!

Your 2 hour adventure in Vilnius:
Start in Vilnius river Neris by entering the tribes territory upstream to experience:
• The feeling of crew: Viking ship rowing
• The call of ancestors: Ancient storytelling and singing
• The forgotten world: Life perspective changing

Your individual journey:
Ship on a Viking Ship for your Events, Wedding, Bachelor or Birthday Party, Team Building, Office and School Education or Summer Camp Events:
• Special days: Create your unforgettable moment on an ancient ship!
• Social activities: Share the joy of your ancient forefathers
• Handcraft and Survival Skills: Master ancient crafts and abilities

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Your long exploration travel:
Through all Lithuania in 5 days, on a Viking Ship on Nemunas between Kaunas and Klaipeda.
• The real Viking feeling: Roam like a real Viking to explore the unknown
• The hole countries profile: Scout the horizon by shipping through hole Lithuania
• The ancient road: Feel the Nemunas whispering spirits of Baltic Tribe ancestry, Vikings defeats and Crusades invasions

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