The Day of Warriors


Where Medieval skills compete with smart phones


Medieval sword fighting and spear throwing, along with the playing of strategically and intellectually stimulating Viking games were enjoyed by hundreds of highly enthusiastic visitors to the Viking and Baltic Tribes ‘Family Day’ which was held on April 17th last on the banks of the Neris River in the shadow of the Vilnius’ landmark, the White bridge.

As one of the young participants to the event admitted, “Playing with swords and shields, together with my friends, was much more exciting than playing games on my smart phone”.

The event brought together families with children, guests to Vilnius and a wide array of interested and  active youth who experienced a truly untraditional and active Easter celebration with a distinctly medieval taste in the company of the  historical re-enactment club ‘Vikingu Keimas’, the creative group ‘Baltic Vikings’, and their many friends.

The next event devoted to the ancient Baltic culture will be ‘The Day of Warriors’ which will take
place on 27th of April from 18:00 – 21:00 at the same location; next to Vilnius’ White Bridge.
Medieval and Baltic culture admirers, and all others interested in history and adventure  – or just a fun day out –  are invited to witness these warriors, who are members of the historical re-enactment club ‘Varingis’, put their battlefield skills to the test live just for you.

The main inspiration behind these events is to attract people’s attention to this often neglected period of history and to inspire us to think about such questions as; what were the possible relations of the Baltic tribes and the Vikings – who actually were our ancestors – and what, through history, can we learn from them, and how can we use this ancient knowledge and the skills which they bring with them  in these modern, technology-influenced times?

‘The Day of Warriors’ is the second event which suitably sets the scene for the final and most spectacular  in the series; ‘The day of Baltic Tribes’ which will be held on the 6th of May in the same location. This will be an occasion not to be missed, an occasion when Lithuania will reveal  a secret shrouded in the mists of time and culture, right in the centre of Lithuania’s bustling heart on the banks of Vilnius’ Neris River.

Leave the modern world behind you; are you ready to travel back in time?

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