Meet the ancient craft of woodcarving at the Vilnius Viking Ship

On the 4th and 5th August near the White Bridge (Upės st. 6, Vilnius, at Barza) an open woodcarving workshop will take place. Baltic Vikings crew invites all interests to learn the ancient craft of woodcarving from a local master, a carver, Povilas Penkaitis. For two whole days there will be possibility to learn the secrets of this ancient art.

Vikings were known as very skillful craftsmen especially by working with wood. Wood was the primary material of choice for Viking artists because of it was soft for carving, inexpensive and abundant in northern Europe. Not only Vikings, but also the Baltic tribes widely were using wood for different everyday life tools, equipments as well as dwellings and vehicles, including boats. The main attributes of such art were different symbols and ornaments which were used to ensure protection, raise strength, attract wellbeing, prosperity and wisdom.

On August 4th at 13:00 Povilas will host a 2 hour long woodworking lecture at the Vilnius Vikings Ship! Right after at 15:15 all interest will have a chance to apply all theoretical knowledge in a practical workshop – by carving Baltic symbols in on the wood. Another practical carving lecture will take place the very next day On August the 5th at 11:00. Participation is free of charge.

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