Why Vikings?

Because we are not Vikings. The 11th-century expression of Vikings originally delivers from Scandinavian pirates or raiders and only becoming a romanticized version of a culture in the 18th century and is now a popular brand for early medieval lifestyle.

Our educational responsibility is to bring our visitors a broader and deeper sense of the happenings of the “Viking Age” and its` Baltic chapters.

Europe feared the Vikings, but the Vikings prayed: “Oh dear god, protect us from the Curonians (famous Baltic tribe at coast line)” (Danish prayer – 12th century Snorri Sturluson, Heimskringla, III, 116).

Sail on the “Baltic Vikings” brand to explore the deeper truth!

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Who are we?

BALTIC VIKINGS is a team of passionate Baltic culture admirer with the aim to communicate Europe’s untold story in Lithuania!

We take you on the journey into the cultural heart of Lithuania and its tribal past with experiential history tours and education courses on board a Viking ship or on Land in Vilnius and Kaunas.


Our values?

Experience the perspective of the life of the 10th and 11th-century Baltic tribes and their world view to reshape your all day appreciation. Foster yourself certainty and awareness by learning ancient crafts and original skills.


Our vision and mission?

The Viking ship is a symbolic platform for increasing interest of the Baltic ancient history in Lithuania, and helping to carry on the spirits of the past for future generations.

By inviting active cultural performers and craftsmen, the ship becomes as a knot for centuries, and gives the taste of Lithuania’s heritage, supports the active cultural tourism and raises awareness of the lifestyle of Baltic people, while bringing this message to all visitors.

Our mission by heart is to support the continuation of what hundreds of generations before us contained with the efforts of their lives, to preserve the feeling of cultural community.

Together we can carry Lithuania’s ancient traditions far into the future!

What is your idea or activity with/on the Viking Ship?

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