Experience the Medieval Vilnius!


Would you like to feel the paganism spirit of authentic Baltic tribal heritage? Discover the oldest, medieval places of Vilnius, the longest pagan capital of Europe! The alternative mystical walking tour of Vilnius secret places is waiting for you!

In the interactive tour, you and I will experience a mysterious city walk to find the unknown truth about the valley of the Cathedral and its hidden origins in the middle of downtown, walk the most ancient road paths of Vilnius and see the stunning view of beautiful old town panorama from the hill park, the most important place of medieval Vilnius. The alternative tour with folk customs, stories and legends are waiting for you!

Feel a medieval breath of this city walk, write to us now a request to get your free reservation, as times are limited and find out about the new secrets!

DO NOT MISS THE BONUS: New, this summer only! Witness an original pagan ritual on the Kings Grave mound. The mystical rites of the last pagan country of Europe are still performed by a minority. Request your new bonus now to check the availability of the baltic insider ritual.